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VIP Hack Problem Help Thread. [Windows XP/Vista/7 - 32 or 64 Bit]

Discussion in 'Specialforce/Soldierfront' started by BlackList, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. BlackList

    BlackList Administrator Staff Member

    Install all this.
    1. d3dx9_43.dll - Paste to "system32" and "SF Folder"
    How to locate system32? Just go to "Local Disk C:\WINDOWS\system32"

    [For 64Bit] -
    [For 32Bit] -

    2. msvcr100.dll - Paste to "systems32" and "SF Folder"
    [For 64Bit] -
    [For 32Bit] -

    3. vcredist_x86 - Just install it
    [For 32Bit] -
    [For 64Bit] -

    4. net.framework - Install it

    5. DirectX - Install it

    6. Just turn-off your "Firewall and Anti-virus".

    7. If your OS is Windows 7, you must always "Run as Admin" the VIP Hack loader.

    8. Windows 7 32/64Bit always have this problem.
    "specialforce.exe has stopped working"? Go to "User Control Panel" on the lower part beside the clock.
    - If you click that you will see a "Scroll" and just scroll it down max.

    9. "Security Alert" ? Download this. Just click delete the xigncode/temp/prefetch folder and close it after.

    Credits :
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2015
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  2. jeneses

    jeneses Registered

    yan na
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  3. Marvz09092

    Marvz09092 Registered

    panu pag error code ?
  4. Marvz09092

    Marvz09092 Registered

    net framework na naman :3 lag pa
  5. ajvisperas

    ajvisperas Registered

    yan ba yung hindi gumagana yung cheat pero yan ba ung nagpapagana ng cheat???
  6. imaw1122

    imaw1122 Registered

    san po yung cheat dyan? mga sir pa help po pls
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  7. imaw1122

    imaw1122 Registered

    pano po to napapagana?
  8. ajvisperas

    ajvisperas Registered

    TNx^_^ napagana q din!!!
  9. utogs

    utogs Registered

    sr turo nyo nman po sakin kung panu mag download nq cheat ?


    need lang sr
  10. utogs

    utogs Registered

    helps nman po plss MARIAxD
  11. pri3oner

    pri3oner Registered

    Paki-ayos naman ng TUTORIAL SA NUMBER "8" ANG GULO
  12. kashibatsu

    kashibatsu Registered

    Mag Youtube Kayo,!! merong TutoRial Video doon..!!!
  13. ajvisperas

    ajvisperas Registered

    may step na nga ehhho_O
  14. alnhor

    alnhor Registered

    ano po ba Cheat ng Cross Fire serr plzz pahelp po o pa post nayan o add nalng ako sa FaceBook PrinCe SalaHodin Guinal
  15. ajvisperas

    ajvisperas Registered

    soldier front yan mga tol!!
  16. matteo

    matteo Registered

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  17. tatinsolan

    tatinsolan Registered

    Panu ginawa mo?
  18. tatinsolan

    tatinsolan Registered

    panu ginawa mo?
  19. ryanskie

    ryanskie Registered

    enge POH CHEAT
  20. jhustjo

    jhustjo Registered

    wla pa bang bago nadetect n apo yan kanina lang
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