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Tutorial RFID Reader using VB.Net

Discussion in 'Visual Basic/VB.net' started by PHCyber, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. PHCyber

    PHCyber Registered

    Good day this tutorial demonstrate how to create (RFID) Tag Card Reader

    Lets Start Coding...

    First open your visual studio language any version and create new project
    Second add the following object to your form
    1. One SerialPort
    2. One TextBox
    3. One ListBox

    Setup your SerialPort.
    1. BaudRate = 9600
    2. DataBit = 8
    3. DiscardNull = False
    4. DtrEnable = False
    5. HandShake = None
    6. Parity = None
    7. ParityRepalce = 63
    8. PortName = check your com port name ether COM1 or Any but make sure your com name is correct
    9. ReadBufferSize = 4096
    10. RtsEnable = False
    11. StopBit = One
    12. WriteBufferSize = 2048

    Now for the code

    Now you need an RFID Reader Device and Tag Card, Press F5 and start debugging
    make sure the cursor is point into TextBox1... Top your Tag Card to the device and you see the tag card data on list box.

    Hope this help happy happy coding...

    Credited to ME. :)
  2. Cr4cken

    Cr4cken Registered

    Thanks for share it

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