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Special Force PH/Sea Information

Discussion in 'Specialforce/Soldierfront' started by BlackList, Nov 25, 2016.

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  1. wellplayed

    wellplayed Registered

    hayop -_- pa unblock nung account kong Holister
  2. wellplayed

    wellplayed Registered

    ano di kna makaimik rudz?? tapos ako paasabihan mo ng commonsense?? :/ cheater hayp
  3. lDEATHl

    lDEATHl Registered

    is it possible? I am willing to pay additional for the transactions fees o any fees para ma cashout. Sayang po btc eh.
    Pasagot please. Thank you.
  4. VHINS

    VHINS Registered

    ^^ Sana maadd nyo po un auto denied 5 players laban sa kik system . usto q sana mag avail .
  5. ladenesmail

    ladenesmail Registered

    Working pa yan ngayon?
  6. DieHard

    DieHard DieHard

    yup sir :)
  7. BlackSheep

    BlackSheep Loyal Servant

    Just wait nalang sir sa ngayon enjoyin mo na po muna ang nagagamit for sure ma-uupdate din yan di po kc biro mag-code .
  8. wellplayed

    wellplayed Registered

    sir ask ko lng po dito poba ung pag bumili ng VIP 350 then pag bumili ulit ng vip 300 nalng??
  9. FromDOCtoPDF

    FromDOCtoPDF Registered

    Panu Po Bumli Ng vip Hack
  10. Undetected

    Undetected Registered

    Pa add sana Ng fast Switch Yun lang ang wala sa inyo...
  11. AlyssaE16

    AlyssaE16 Registered

    Pang SF Playpark po ba ito?
  12. jannybooyy

    jannybooyy Registered

    Dapat sir VIP kaparin bago ka mag extend para 300 lang.
  13. jannybooyy

    jannybooyy Registered

  14. jannybooyy

    jannybooyy Registered

  15. RudzCustodio

    RudzCustodio Registered

    Eh di nga kita kilala lul
  16. burntdave

    burntdave Registered

    sir ano max ng mga boost? like win and lose ?
  17. adorabol

    adorabol Registered

    please include ping hack next update... pldt connection not good 200-400 ping players always auto kick high ping...
  18. DieHard

    DieHard DieHard

  19. BlackSheep

    BlackSheep Loyal Servant

    pwede ka naman po mag-avail na kuys, then send ref# to @BlackList para sa activated ng accounts mo.
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