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RS-SEA SpecialForce 2 -Free Cheats -v002

Discussion in 'Specialforce 2' started by cookiez, Dec 28, 2018.

  1. cookiez

    cookiez Registered

    First things first, create free account on then follow the following:

    Since tapos na pasko maglalabas naman kame ng free hack, enjoy soldiers [​IMG]


    » Use Your Dummy Account First.
    » We dont take full responsibility if your account got - Banned, Suspended etc.
    » Use Left Mouse to enable or disable hack. Press Insert for hide/show menu.
    » Use At Your Own Risk.

    » Download the file
    » Disable any anti virus program
    » Connect to rakshot.net
    » Run the Loader as Admin
    » Login your forum account
    » Then wait for "waiting for sf2.exe"

    Set-Up Instruction
    1. On first usage login to



    2.Open SF1 Thai Loader and copy your hwid to the license box.



    3. Hit Edit License, Re-open Loader, You can play.



    False AV Detection since file packed


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  2. markwrynil123

    markwrynil123 Registered


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