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[Release] RCC CFPH V0.08 2017

Discussion in 'Crossfire' started by johncarlz12, Jan 2, 2017.

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  1. johncarlz12

    johncarlz12 Registered


    F1 Wallhack
    F2 SeeGhost
    F5 WhitePlayer
    F6 CursorCenter
    F7 Wireframe
    F9 Superkill
    F10 Fast Defuse

    V WTW
    NoBug Damage (auto)
    NoFall Damage (auto)


    Turn Off Anti Virus


    Download Link:

    Use Extreme Injector Only!

    Extreme Injector Settings

    Credits to:
    @@joshuaSantos717 (tester)
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2017
  2. 1like1pray

    1like1pray Registered

    virus total wala ?
  3. KUPAL69

    KUPAL69 Registered

    mayrun niyan? pag publik may kasamang keyloger yan at viruz
  4. 1like1pray

    1like1pray Registered

    not working ;) close thread na
  5. kentlabin

    kentlabin Registered

    now working Sh**t
  6. kentlabin

    kentlabin Registered

    bkt ? ayaw maG downLoad not workinG bayan ??? :(
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