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[Release] (05-06-2018) Crossfire Philippines Hack

Discussion in 'Crossfire' started by irockshin12, May 7, 2018.

  1. irockshin12

    irockshin12 Registered

    - Use Insert key to show/hide menu
    - Use up and down arrow keys through the menuitems
    - Use left and right arrow keys to toggle menuitems
    - Use keyboard or mouse to move the menu

    Must Read:
    1. Hold Space key to activate Superjump.
    2. Press Shift key to increase walk speed.

    Download link:

    = Biesi || yaago || hardhaxing || fallen =

  2. Michaelism

    Michaelism Heroic Support Staff Member

    Put some Virus Scan or else it will be lock.
  3. accccc

    accccc Registered

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