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How to Subscribe VIP Hack

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BlackList, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. BlackList

    BlackList Administrator Staff Member

    Avail now guys :)

    Php 200 = 15 Days VIP per Account
    Php 300 = 1 month VIP per Account
    Php 500 = 2 month VIP per Account

    2 Accounts = Php 500/month
    5 Accounts = Php 1000/month


    For Paymaya :

    For SmartMoney :

    For GCash :


    1. Go to any Paymaya/Smartmoney or GCash remittance Center.
    2. Tell the cashier that you will remit money.
    ( Full name : Aizhell B. Saira )
    3. Give My Paymaya account # ( 09085530438 ) Or GCash number # ( 09554905044 ) and your cash.
    4. Get the receipt and Reference Number of your transaction.
    5. PM or Text Admin BlackList only about the Transaction and give the following info.

    Your Forum's Username and Email Address
    Ref# ( For Paymaya/Smartmoney )
    Image of receipt if GCash

    6. Wait for us to confirm your subscription.

    NOTE :
    Supported OS are Windows 7 , 8 and 10.
    It will take up to 2 business days to activate your VIP Account.
    Fixed Activation Hour is From 7pm-9pm ( Only takes a few minutes if BlackList is Online and not busy after he receives your message ), And BTW Username and Password must be atleast 5 char long.


    [How To Avail]

    [How To Send Private Message]

    Hack Status:
    : Available
    SF PH Sea: Available
    SF2 PH: Available
    THSF : Available
    CHSF : Available

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  2. Ryuharvey

    Ryuharvey Registered

    Sir Gumagana ba yung Wins Boost at Loses Boost Kahit Sa Single Battle Auto Win ?

    Please Reply :)
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  3. molder555

    molder555 Registered

    pwede po ba pangbay paypal acc ko
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  4. pakshet13

    pakshet13 Registered

    ..PWEDE PA SA ...MOL or MASTER CARD..?..question lang..bka maka AVAIL akuh
  5. DieHard

    DieHard DieHard

    sir, Hnd po sya nag work sa Single Battle ung Win/lose po sir, :) nag record lang po sya TB AND SNIPER Auto win naman po Kpg Sniper Sir san kapa :)
    yup. pwede po :) pm lang po ung admin kayu po mag usap :)
    hmmmmmp pm nyu po ung admin :) pag-usapan nyu po :)
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  6. ricotaas

    ricotaas Registered

  7. dsun01234

    dsun01234 Registered

    SmartLoad / Globe , Mol sana kaya pa !!!

    - 250 = 15 days ?? means 15 days muh lng magagamit ang cheat ??
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  8. ivangusman

    ivangusman Registered

    atat nako bumila wala kasi smart padala samin
  9. DieHard

    DieHard DieHard

    avail npo sir,,, :)
  10. ivangusman

    ivangusman Registered

    sir san poba may smart padala avail po ako
  11. ShockerSP

    ShockerSP Registered

  12. rapist

    rapist Registered

    kung meron lang try kahit 1 day lang. para masubukan. baka kukuha ako nitong vip.
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  13. DeviLCry

    DeviLCry Retired-Staff

    mag avail kana wala kaming trial dito lahat ng VIP namin tested yan bro..... makaksulit kapa .... added features win boost...
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  14. ivangusman

    ivangusman Registered

    sana maka kita ako ng smart padala center para maka avail nako.taga pampanga po ako
  15. johnr

    johnr Registered

    pwd ba smart load? or globe?
  16. DieHard

    DieHard DieHard

    Sir if gs2 nyu po tlg sir, may paraan :D
    Sir no need Load Need true money po tlg :D
  17. ivangusman

    ivangusman Registered

    taga san po kayo sir
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  18. ivan01

    ivan01 Registered

    sir working po ba lahat ng features nito lalo na ung win/lose boost kasi un din po mahlga. if oorking lahat mag avail ako agad nito ngaun please reply asap!!
  19. DieHard

    DieHard DieHard

    Sir Working po yan sir, :D wag po tayo mag alala wla po problema ung VIP Hack naten :D
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  20. ivangusman

    ivangusman Registered

    sir pwede palawan express mag avail
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