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How to create your AQW Server

Discussion in 'MMORPG Server Developments' started by Miggy, Sep 17, 2014.

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  1. Miggy

    Miggy Registered

    This is the tutorial on how to make your own AQW Private Server
    First of all you need a files such as SxC Files , Or Xampp if you want to make a hamachi server

    SxC Private Server Files

    How to make a non hamachi server.
    1.) You must set a VPS server
    2.) After you set it Run the loader on your VPS so that the game will start
    3.) Set a database on your xampp folder
    4.) After that you can start and play with your friends now.

  2. DieHard

    DieHard DieHard

    Wuw tnx dito tol :D pa try ^_^
  3. BlackMail

    BlackMail VIP Banned

    Nice Ganda nito private server :)
  4. asnar001

    asnar001 Cutiepie ng BLG ♥

    thanks huh :D
  5. trafal313

    trafal313 Registered

    ou nga aqw hack :) :)
  6. 1kilo

    1kilo shadow red

    dapat meron ung free ac's
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