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Discussion in 'Report' started by Jacintooo, Sep 8, 2018.

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  1. Jacintooo

    Jacintooo The Forbidden

    Hi BL! I would like to ask if our VIP is updated ? Because i always encounter disconnection everytime i play with this vip thenwhen i try to play without nothings happen . i think our vip is not yet updated. thanks!
  2. Michaelism

    Michaelism BLG Support Staff Member

    Na redownload mo na ba yung new loader?
  3. BlackCheetah

    BlackCheetah Louie Yalong Banned

    Please re-download lang po natin yung VIP Loader natin, kagaya nga po ng sinabi ni -Michaelism re-download basa po tayo salamat.
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