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Clash auto bot by ClashFarmer.com

Discussion in 'Gaming Tools' started by Tylert17, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Tylert17

    Tylert17 Registered

    Clashfarmer Release 1.8.9 contains: Works with latest COC Winter Update and the only bot that can work with any resolution, the screen can be turned off, and MEmu or BlueStacks minimized. Makes around 0.9M gold & elixir per hour!

  2. GustaMeme

    GustaMeme Registered

    it's been a year of playing and now there another update that was released. Thanks for sharing the clashfamer bot Tylert17 it's still working even after the recent update. For those who don't know yet what are the changes this March 2018 update, here's a link that may help you.

    Good luck on your wars!
  3. GustaMeme

    GustaMeme Registered

    For those who are looking for a good guide on how to set up you bot. I am currently TH10 and this is my settings.
    If I'm boosting my my trophies, i'll set my range to 1500, You will also get some loot that way.
    The troops that I am using is BARCH attack to get loot which does fill my storages.

    You can also check other settings on their forums.
    I hope that helps. Time for WAR!!
  4. GustaMeme

    GustaMeme Registered

    Hello guys,

    There’s arecent update on clash of clans. For those who haven’t check it out, I will give you some insights. Town Hall 12 has been released and you know what is cool? Unlike other Town hall upgrade, this new town hall has its own power. When the Town Hall is attacked, a Giga Tesla rises through the roof to strike down enemies. Another great thing about the update is the New Electro Dragon. You can check more information here.
    In addition to that the Clashfarmer bot also released a compatible version 1.8.19 with Clash of Clans Town hall 12 update - June 2018! This really helps me a lot to get this new cool features. Can’t wait to have them all. I know everyone playing now is very excited. :D
  5. mangdanny

    mangdanny Registered

    Need license Key ?
  6. BlackCheetah

    BlackCheetah Louie Yalong Banned

    Note. ingat-ingat tayo sa mga gagamitin ;)
  7. mangdanny

    mangdanny Registered

    Inaalala ko kasi baka man ban haha
  8. GustaMeme

    GustaMeme Registered

    Don't worry pre.. I've been using this for 2 years :) Alam mo kung anu maganda sa bot na to?? lage silang nagrerelease ng new version whenever there's a new update. So if there's any detection or anu mang pang ban nila, hindi un gagana. Try mo lng ot the best ito.
  9. GustaMeme

    GustaMeme Registered

    Di na po kailangan ng license key. Saka sure to kasi matagal ko ng gamit ang . They also released a compatible version with Clash December 2018 Update. So tiwala tlga ako dito mga pre.

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