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[ BlackListGaming ] USF PUB Ver. 7

Discussion in 'Soldierfront Downloads' started by BlackList, Oct 9, 2015.

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  1. edloks

    edloks Registered

    sir ayaw po gumana sa windows 8
  2. irvin100

    irvin100 Registered

    sir bat wla na po ung v7?
    error na po?
  3. mistery

    mistery Registered

  4. peissie

    peissie Registered

  5. medina12

    medina12 Registered

  6. iries2

    iries2 Registered

    bkit po ang eerror kapag click ko sa skip add?
  7. Jerome123

    Jerome123 Registered

    srl wala b 2ng bund
  8. jeffjeff21

    jeffjeff21 Registered

    nice salamat dto :)
  9. BlackBeard

    BlackBeard Registered

    Refresh mo lang sa skip ad
    Refresh mo lang sa skip ad
  10. raven57

    raven57 Registered

    salamat titi puke salamat luv you salamat thank you and salamat tapos thank you at salasalamat
  11. raven57

    raven57 Registered

    salamat po sa cheat maraming salamat po salamat po talaga dahil salamat po talaga sobrang salamat i love you cheat at salamat at salamat sobrang salamat at thank for the love at salamat
  12. DieHard

    DieHard DieHard

    welcome sir :) more support more hacks :D
  13. jllike143

    jllike143 Registered

    galing black list
  14. Earlshann17

    Earlshann17 Registered

    working po ba to sa windowns 8 ?
    wait ko po reply sir thanks
  15. Earlshann17

    Earlshann17 Registered

    meron kc ako nyan. d nagana sakin dko alam kung bakit
    pag start ko ng soldier front
    chrome lng nalabas
  16. jmdc5

    jmdc5 Registered

    DI ba nagana sa windows 8 yung Ver. 7?
  17. Mutation

    Mutation Registered

    sir bakit ayaw matanggal nung pub hack na to everytime i login palaging naka inject na tong hack ? pakihelp namn pls
  18. olingay

    olingay Registered

    luma na ang chat na to!!!:D:D:p:p:):)
  19. Jerome123

    Jerome123 Registered

    srl wala bang bund 2 ng sf namin :)
  20. jetmarmita

    jetmarmita Registered

    ;) Thank YOu :oops:
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