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[BlackListGaming] Bull SF Premium Cheat Info

Discussion in 'Pre-Sale Information/Questions' started by BlackList, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. BlackBeard

    BlackBeard Registered

    PM @BlackList for ref# pwede mo din PM sakin para matulongan kta pano mag padala or just read here
  2. alkris

    alkris Registered

    meron bang bypass; eto vip nyo!!!
    Interesado po ako bibili bullsf vip :) sir.
  3. kashibatsu

    kashibatsu Registered

    mnso02 likes this.
  4. ghoooor

    ghoooor Registered

    wish it also have character set unlocker :D
  5. ghoooor

    ghoooor Registered

    and Dont release Pub. Hack :D . haha for good quality of gaming
  6. xanderscrubs

    xanderscrubs Registered

    I live in US is this gonna work?
  7. Michaelism

    Michaelism BLG Support Staff Member

  8. johnpokz

    johnpokz Registered

  9. johnpokz

    johnpokz Registered

    200 10day avail ako
  10. sjay028

    sjay028 Registered

    Availlable pa ba sir ? kala ko 500 lang normal rates ?
  11. Rubix

    Rubix Registered

    Do you take paypal?
  12. Latina

    Latina Registered

    available paba to?
  13. Michaelism

    Michaelism BLG Support Staff Member

    Yes available.
  14. alkris

    alkris Registered

    may Tanong lng po ako sir @Michaelism ...eh na Banned po yong IP Address kung Pc.
    pag-naka Subscribe ako dito...gagana pa ba BullSf Pc ko.
  15. Michaelism

    Michaelism BLG Support Staff Member

    Si Sir @BlackList nag uunban ng pc. Siya ask mo. :)
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2018
  16. alkris

    alkris Registered

    Thank You po.
  17. hacknomore

    hacknomore Registered

    hello po sir available papo ba yung sa bull sf premium ?
  18. Michaelism

    Michaelism BLG Support Staff Member

    Yes available. Paki basa na lang nung sa 1st page tungkol sa info.
  19. doppstarz

    doppstarz Registered

    Hahaha sa wakas may VIP narin ung bullsf kala ko di na mapasukan :D:D
  20. ghoooor

    ghoooor Registered

    available pa po ba to sir

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